Around the World in 8 Plays

Around the World in 8 Plays
By Patrick Greene
Produced with special arrangement from Playscripts, Inc.

Saturday and Sunday, July 29 and 30 at 11AM
North Park Village Nature Center
5801 N Pulaski Blvd
(between the hours of 10 and 4)
Reservations requested, but not required

Join us as we travel around the globe with our artful traveling troupe of street performers, jugglers and musicians, singers and magic, dancing, and fun with an international flare. These performers take the audience from Czechoslovakia through South Africa, Japan, Russia, India, Native America, Brazil, finishing with an ancient Celtic tale from the UK. In between each tale the actors will walk to a new location, draw up a crowd and improv with you. We hope these tales will introduce you and your children to some new stories, they may be new to you, but they have been told by wise Grandmothers to wide-eyed grandchildren for generations. We hope you enjoy our take on things.

See cast and crew information:
Director: Matthew Powell
Director: Lilien Harvey
Director/Puppet Creator: Selma Muminovic
Stage Manager: Christopher Sylvie
Costume Designer: Carrie Campana
Music Director: Samantha Porter
Bernardo - Leo LaCamera
Isabel - Talia Langman
Boris - Taylor Galloway
Natasha - Madison Rasmussen
Peter - James Matrineau
Iliana - Katherine Howerton
Thomas - Jeffrey Entwistle
Maria - Moriah Foronda